• Thingynothingy

    We need to take it back. No wiki deserves this. Take troll pages and make them useful pages. Do whatever you can to fight back.

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  • Fiery Sheep


    April 17, 2018 by Fiery Sheep

    Where has the time gone...

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  • Stupe


    June 12, 2017 by Stupe

    I'm going to try adopt the wiki. 

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  • Amazing bro19


    June 4, 2017 by Amazing bro19

    I complete the game

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  • William830

    My birthday date

    February 15, 2017 by William830

    Hey guys If want know about my Birthday date its October 6.

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  • Austin hofmann

    Dumb office

    January 30, 2017 by Austin hofmann
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  • MLG Doge II


    January 13, 2017 by MLG Doge II

    This wiki is dead. I wanna bring it back. I'll adopt it. Support please? I might even bring comments back if people want.

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  • AilisCutie101


    June 14, 2016 by AilisCutie101

    Sooooo, i made something, Here it is!!

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  • 7494pinguisback20

    here's the portraits of the characters found on Go see them on the website if you'd like.

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  • Grunkfuss The Clown

    Go through the toilet.

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  • Utar pezur 33355

    I asked

    March 8, 2016 by Utar pezur 33355

    I asked Jonochrome on twitter can he finish OWAF and i will see what he will say.

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  • Amir999990

    Why OWaF Canceled?

    January 28, 2016 by Amir999990

    Why is it canceled??? Can someone tell me??? I cant watch video,it ssays "The Video Doesnt Exist".

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  • Everythingkkkkkkkkkk


    October 19, 2015 by Everythingkkkkkkkkkk


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  • LightningLaser

    When I joined this community there wasn't much on, there were no pictures, sounds, animated gifs or achievements. I added a ton of pics when this wiki started and then more people started helping the wiki and this is where we are now :3. Also back then we had comments but they would get spammed so yeah... So I hope you csn also help out on this wiki like I did.

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  • Official Candy The Cat

    ok im back

    August 15, 2015 by Official Candy The Cat

    Ok, I know I was gone for a while, this is what happened.

    So, Trying to put these new speakers in, my pc broke.

    so then, got a new one, but wiki wouldn't work.

    then, I came on today, and my computer automatically updated to internet explorer 11.

    So I checked wiki 1 more time, and it worked.

    So I was gone,

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  • Grunkfuss The Clown

    ha I

    July 29, 2015 by Grunkfuss The Clown
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  • XX FrEd FaZeBeAr Xx


    July 25, 2015 by XX FrEd FaZeBeAr Xx


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  • The Real Flumpty Bumpty


    July 18, 2015 by The Real Flumpty Bumpty

    Hi i'm Flumpty Bumpty.I'm an egg.I'm immune to da plot deal wit it and stuff like that

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  • Tyrannosaurus dude11

    Guess what

    July 10, 2015 by Tyrannosaurus dude11

    I'm coming back...

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  • Grunkfuss The Clown

    Now that OWaF is cancelled, i've had no one to kill. But i had a few ideas for what I would be like in OWaF. 1- Since i could crawl in walls, i could've tooken quicker routes around the place.

    2-  Remember in onaf 2 I could make a random hole in the wall? Well, i was thinking that I could go to the office at anytime. That'd be cool.

    So, those are my ideas. I hoped you enjoyed them.

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    So, over on the Five Nights at Wario's wiki, I was blocked by a troll of an admin for 1 year. Help please? I mean, maybe the creator of that wiki can help?

    I don't know what else to do, if anyone can help, then thank you so much.

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Nobody knows the origins of this gang of misfits. You guys pick a character and make up a randomly pointless, potentially convoluded, or downright seriously idiotic backstory for them, how they came to exist, why they are like they are now, etc.

    Bring forth ideas from the deepest, darkest depths of your minds. Surprise me~!

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  • VoodooVinceFano3o


    June 21, 2015 by VoodooVinceFano3o


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  • Simplenoise8


    June 17, 2015 by Simplenoise8

    I have seen the poll, and most of the votes are on "NOPE". This disappoints me, as Jonochrome's decision was what he thought was the best and he cancelled OWaF, I accept that and even though I'm sad that the game didn't get finished I understand and respect his decision. But this goddamned fanbase is just like "No OWaF? F you Jonochrome you ugly homosexual donkey dong!" Jonochrome got stressed out because the fanbase was yelling "ONaF3 then ONaF4 then ONaF5 then ONaF85!!!" and the game didn't work out. Screw those people. I wish ONaF hadn't become super popular and developed a fanbase like this. Now not the entire fanbase is like this, there are many that accept Jonochrome's decision. Thank You.

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  • Tyrannosaurus dude11

    Well since Johnocrome has cancelled OWAF I pretty much have no reason to be here any longer. Goodbye all of you

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  • Shark Lostworld


    June 16, 2015 by Shark Lostworld


    The show must go on, my friends.

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  • Fiery Sheep


    June 14, 2015 by Fiery Sheep

    I'm A Kawaii Sheep! I make some art and always ask a few questions. I'm here for Hamtaro! (not really XD)

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  • DeliciousBakedPie

    Here is what Boy Blam might be saying in each picture.

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  • DeliciousBakedPie

    Jon made a video showing that his new game project got cancelled. I guess there won't be a third game. :(

    Goodbye, One Week at Flumpty's...

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  • Kittensrock123


    me:wheres FLUPTEH?!? *puts monitor down*




    BBB:*peeks at the door*

    me: oh duck mother of toy bonnie.

    BBB:*very violent scare*



    eyesaur:*stupidly screams at me for no reason*

    me:*dies* XD

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  • GoldenFoxy3.5

    I did gud

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  • I am the eyesaur


    May 31, 2015 by I am the eyesaur


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  • Club Of Peng

    Hi there!

    May 27, 2015 by Club Of Peng

    Hi there everyone on the One Night at Flumptys Wiki i am a new member! my name is Club Of Peng and well thats all i have to say so bye!

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  • Maxewell124




    The beaver=Foxy

    The owl=Foxy


    Golden Flumpty=Like mario from FNaW but more random

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  • The empty 6

    so what do you think grunkfuss goes when he is in his hole?

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  • JustinCB

    Now that I have adopted this wiki I have changed and added many things, but what do you guys want? I would like for you to add your suggestions in the comments, I will reply to all. :)

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  • Maxewell124

    Link: Lyrics:

    Look over there it's the egg man! Can he scare?

    Yes he can with his cartoon gang! It's a game they made for you

    So when the timer starts let your dreams come true!

    Watch as the monsters come to life before your very eyes

    Can't help but wonder as your fate soon plunders

    Birthday Block comes around and stops YOUR HEART

    But the innocence is real (oh so many feels!)

    And your mind smells tasty that's the deal (make sure that owl is sealed)

    They broke the lives of childhood dreams (says Winnie the bear just stare if you dare)

    Have you got the patience or will the clown become your COMPETITION!?

    Jump out loud for Flumpty's jam

    Spick and spam and goes well with ham

    Kick start your charg…

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  • Flumpty the Egg

    lol hai

    dis is flampti eggventures 2 (lol i was lazy to make the first one).

    WARNING: It doesn't has many egg puns and there's FIRETRUCKING bad words!

    anyways here it is

    flampti bum wus wulkin round

    n den he suw a fuking note

    it wus from mikal bae

    "lul flampti u eggass cum 2 mai hous naw or git rekt u fuking skrub lolololol k"

    Flampti wus knuck dawn bai som spoki gai

    Flamtpi hus woken, at som spoki,dark baiysemont

    n he suw a fuking spoki ass shit shadick figore

    et wus caming closah

    terns awt it wus mikel bae

    n den mikal bae pointoed a gwun at flamtpi n den he shoted flamtpi

    n dere was eggsplosions


    (insert dramatic music here)


    FlamptI: lul idk u nob

    Mikal Bae: lul nob lok at dis taype

    • showz blem n ze …
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  • Flumpty the Egg

    Flumpty's here, anyways i have some predictions for OWaF.

    I will become more insane

    My friend blam brings a female relative, either a mom, sister, or girlfriend.

    The Beaver will reappear as a zombie.

    Grunkfuss will attack in more ways.

    Redman has allies or alternate forms like Blueman, Yellowman, and Blackman.(Doesn't that seems racist?)

    Golden Flumpty is more prominent and hidden.

    The Owl tags with The Beaver at times of need.

    Eye-Saur is deadlier and more helpful and secretly has a girl stitched upon him.

    The game will be about the characters origins.

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  • Flumpty the Egg

    One Night at Flumpty's

    One Night at Flumpty's 2

    One Week at Flumpty's

    One Year at Flumpty's

    One Decade at Flumpty's

    One Century at Flumpty's

    Put your ideas below and i will add it down here.

    One Second at Flumpty's

    One Hour at Flumpty's

    One Minute at Flumpty's

    One Eternity at Flumpty's

    One fortnight at Flumpty's

    One Fingernail at Flumpty's

    One millennium at Flumpty's

    One sh*t at Flumpty's

    One hundred and thirty-four miliseconds at Flumpty's

    One FNaF fan game at flumpty's

    One boy at flumpty's

    One girl at flumpty's

    One monster at flumpty's

    One little smile that's walking around the room in roman times at flumpty's

    One Day at Flumpty's

    One snake at Flumpty's

    One thousand animals at Flumpty's

    One little stinky Asian child at Flumpty's

    One buttock at Flumpty's

    One buttc…

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  • Maxewell124


    May 15, 2015 by Maxewell124

    Anyway, this is the music:

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  • Flumpty the Egg

    This is a short story.

    Flumpty:Hello there my name is Flumpty Bumpty! I'm here to tell ya about what happen at my eggtastic egghouse.

    Narrator:Once upon a egglastic time, there was a giant egg named 'Flumpty Bumpty' and his friend "Birthday Boy Blam"

    -Blam playing his GBA and runs out of juice-

    Blam: GOD DANG IT!


    Blam: Same...WAIT! I KNOW! Let's play hide n seek with the nightguard!

    Flumpty: Good idea!

    Later at the office.

    Nightguard: 5 AM!

    Flumpty and Blam: BOOO!

    Nightguard: GOD DAMN IT NOOOO!


    -MLG bullcrap comes out from nowhere-

    Nightguard: GET REKT! 

    Blam: HA-YA! *derp face*


    -6:00 AM-

    Nightguard: YES!

    Flumpty and Blam: Congrulations nightguard! You're ou…

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  • Maxewell124

    If you accidentally voted, press I don't want to vote

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  • Grunkfuss The Clown

    bad news

    May 9, 2015 by Grunkfuss The Clown

    Grunkfuss the Clown (ONaF 2)

    I'm screwed

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  • Grunkfuss The Clown

    Sooo, yeah. My patience is low. Turn off your lights. Oh crap, the owl is coming! CLOSE THE  VENTS!

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  • The EyeSaur


    May 9, 2015 by The EyeSaur

    Hello everyone ;D today im asking for someone to kill The owl. 

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  • ButterThatFlies


    April 28, 2015 by ButterThatFlies

    Who elses favorite character is BBB?

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  • Lucas200206

    Dear Wiki owner

    April 26, 2015 by Lucas200206

    Could you do something?

    I want to do something like the FNaF wiki, and use tabs for the characters classified per game, but the headers aren't allowed in the current configuration. If you could, please follow instructions there on how to allow h2 and h3:

    Thanks in advance, and if you do it, I will start moving the character pages immediately. 

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  • N.k

    I kept my promise about the silly doll-making 

    I also drew more of The Player from One Night at Flumpty's, but it'll be a while before I color it in with Photoshop properly.

    I had some funny idea involving them too, hahaha…

    But now kinda ship them with the Redman too now, oh no

    Update 1: Jonochrome is going to hate me if he ever learns about my drawings.

    One of my friends suggested even making a second part with humorous results…

    Update 2: Eggbound, deviantArt, and Player-tan meeting Mike.

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  • JCGaming

    Earns: Welcome To The Earns: Userpage Earns: Flumptys nightmare Earns: ONAF2 is here Earns: Work On! Earns: Onaf3 dosent exist Earns: Play The Game but no Earns: The Redman

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