Type Hall
Characters Flumpty
The Redman

CAM 2A, also know as West Hall by fan, is a location in One Night At Flumpty's.

CAM 2A is a long hallway that connects with CAM 1 and leads to the office. CAM 2A is the opposite side of CAM 2B, and two antagonists go through the latter, which are Flumpty and The Redman.


This is a long dark corridor, with the same wall texture that the others room, and a brown floor.

One Night at Flumpty's

One Night at Flumpty's CAM 1CAM 2ACAM 2BCAM 3CAM 4CAM 5CAM 6
One Night at Flumpty's 2 CAM 1CAM 2CAM 3CAM 4CAM 5CAM 6CAM 7

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