Type Hall
Characters Flumpty
Birthday Boy Blam
The Beaver

CAM 2B, also known as East Hall by fans, is a location in One Night At Flumpty's.

CAM 2B is a long hallway that connects with CAM 4, CAM 6 and leads to your Office. CAM 2B is the on the opposite side of the building of CAM 2A and has three enemies (The Beaver, BBB and Flumpty) that come through here.


The Beaver acts like Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's because the player have to check on him and use the cameras more often. If the player don't, this will result in The Beaver running down CAM 2B with a loud running sound to alert the player. If the player close the door, he will return back at CAM 6. If not, he will enter the office, resulting in a jumpscare and a Game Over screen.


  • Flumpty appears here but doesn't go to the blind spot, Flumpty only goes to the blind spot of CAM 2A.
  • When Birthday Boy Blam appears on this camera, he can be seen as "Kevin Jr.", wearing a top hat, monocle, suspenders, a pipe and tie.
  • The beaver has knives for feet when through running here.

One Night at Flumpty's

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