The Clock is a game mechanic in One Night at Flumpty's, One Night at Flumpty's 2 and One Week at Flumpty's that shows the player the current time within the game, and how much time remains until 6 AM.

It is located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, where it remains constantly, even when the player is being killed by one of the characters. Once the clock reaches 6 AM, the night ends.

It displays only the current hour; it does not show minutes, seconds, etc.

The main objective in all of the games is to survive until 6 AM without being jumpscared by Flumpty and his gang. The clock always starts at 12 AM, which is the beginning of The Player's survival time in Flumpty's house of horrors.

Each hour lasts 90 seconds in the first game, making each night 9 minutes long. After the clock reaches 6 AM, the screen fades away, showing the time roll over from 5 AM to 6 AM. An 8-bit tune can be heard.

In the second game, each hour lasts only about 90 seconds, making a night only about 9 minutes. There is no difference in the passage of time. The design is now more akin to that of a digital clock, with the familiar 8-bit tune you've probably heard before

The clock will continue to run even after the power has run out. Until the player is killed, they have a chance of surviving to the end. As long as the player survives long enough, the night is done.

The clock is seen in the canceled One Week at Flumpty's, and behaves the same as before. Though, when it reaches 6 AM, the game still continues forever.It sometimes says ham or Blam.


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  • When being jump scared, the clock will disappear in the first game, but not the 2nd, this might have been a mistake.
  • When you reach 6 AM, the clock references a food that ends in "AM", unlike other FNaF fan-games. In ONaF, it says "HAM", in ONaF 2, it says "SPAM".