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The hallucinations are objects used in One Night at Flumpty's. They only appear if Golden Flumpty is present, in the room.



  • The first one shows Flumpty.
  • The second one shows Flumpty with a bigger face. His eyes also turn white.
  • In the third one, Flumpty's face is replaced by a hole with a mouth inside it.
  • In the fourth one, some cracks and some black holes with black liquid coming out of them are added. The hole with the mouth gets larger.
  • In the third and fourth hallucinations, you can see the word "hide", on the top right corner of the egg
  • The hallucinations could mean that Golden Flumpty may be an future form of Flumpty, although this could be dismissed since Golden Flumpty and Flumpty are different characters. v