Release date: April 1st 2015

The Game Edit

On April 1st, Jonochrome, released as a small joke another One Night at Flumpty's game on Newgrounds. The game consisted of the player situated inside a badly drawn office, which had a tint of grey. There would be a cross hairs that followed the mouse around the screen, as well. It had a poorly drawn Flumpty Bumpty, Birthday Boy Blam, and Grunkfuss the Clown head enter the office from the left, right, and middle respectively. At this point Flumpty Bumpty would enter from the left side of the office. Then, the player would have to shoot Flumpty to proceed, and he would face plant on the ground, with a bullet hole in his body and yolk leaking out, like blood. Then, Birthday Boy Blam would enter from the right door, and the player would shoot him. Then, Grunkfuss the Clown would appear through the center of the office. The player would shoot him, and soon after the clock would head to 6 AM after 5 goes to random symbols. It is impossible to be killed, or in any way lose the game. the game appears to take place in The Office.

Script Edit

"Phonecall": BRRRRING! BRRRRING! Hi, this is totally the real game. (Coughing noises)

*Flumpty appears in left doorway*: Flumpty Bumpty: Hey how's it going?

*Flumpty Bumpty is shot*

*BBB appears in right doorway*

Birthday Boy Blam: I heard a gun.

*Birthday Boy Blam is shot*

*Grunkfuss The Clown appears in the hole in the office's wall*

Grunkfuss: Boo.

*Grunkfuss is shot* Grunkfuss: Ouch.

*Screen goes to 6 AM*

Cheering voices: Yaaayy! You suck!

Trivia Edit

  • In the 6 AM screen, you can see briefly 6 AM turn to HAM, the original 6 AM transfer screen. You have to be looking closely to see it.
  • When you are at the title, you cannot click "Don't Play Game".
  • Jonathan stated somewhere on Twitter that the voices here, except for Flumpty's, were not "official".

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Links Edit

  • The game can be played here
  • Video of it being played is here
  • Newgrounds (though the game was taken down)

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