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After One Week at Flumpty's has been cancelled, there's a minor unfinished version of the game, This is possibly fake or true, There's some videos recording One Week at Flumpty's gameplays, But is really a fan-made game. Night 1 is the first night where you do not know much but it is as you had thought at the beginning of the original idea with BBB as the killer of the night.he is the only character you have to focus on night 1.he would started in the kitchen in CAM 2. Blam's appearance remains unchanged from his ONaF2 design, except that the circle on top of his hat is gone.

BBB slowly makes his way towards the office in an attempt to kill the player. His path can be blocked by turning the halls around and activating lasers, and he can be stunned momentarily by taking a picture of him

you can even tell which door he will going in.first he'll go to the left door and the right and back.