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Redman EXE

Redman.exe is a computer virus that appears in the cameras, and that appears in One Night at Flumpty's 2.

Behavior Edit

[Warning: Redman.exe's behavior is The Redman behavior, For look Redman.exe's behavior visit The Redman]

In One Night at Flumpty's 2, a red pop-up appears on the cameras at random points, with a warning sign next to the camera button when it appears. These have the Redman's face with no pupils in his eyes, and has a red Yield sign with an exclamation point to the right of Redman with the word INCOMING right next to the sign, and a progress bar with the word Cancel right after that. Hit the "Cancel" button on the window before the bar finishes filling. The loading is only blocks. He attacks you by injecting the laptop a virus, summoning him, attacking you shortly after.

Failing to do so and letting the virus download will result in an error message (that also says on somewhere that the current user of the laptop will be terminated) on the computer and, after about 10 seconds, the Redman will jumpscare The Player.

Audio Edit

This is the sound that plays when the Redman.exe Popup appears


This is the sound that plays when Redman.exe crashes the laptop


Trivia Edit

  • Though, some computers do have a red screen of death.
  • If the computer runs out of battery while Redman.exe is downloading, it was cancel automatically.

Redman.exe Edit

The Redman Edit

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