This article could possibly be a theory or a truth behind Flumpty.

Story Edit

One night in the town of New Dork, Flumpty presented a heartfelt speech about the importance of life. The stranger he was talking to didn't like his speech. He walked away, wondering why a talking egg was telling him about life. Flumpty got so mad. He shot the stranger with a gun. That was Flumpty's first taste of death. Out of insanity he ate an entire human baby, and that wasn't all. According to somebody, Flumpty killed approximately 100 billion birds with a meteorite, That meteorite caused the apocalypse. Now, Flumpty is a character who has immunity to any plot and can travel through time and space, so he could do whatever he wanted! Then Flumpty broke into somebody's house because he was cooking an egg. Flumpty was then voluntarily arrested for breaking and entering. He did this just to escape prison. Flumpty then got lonely, He found a empty place. He found it wasn't empty. It was full of other creatures. Like Birthday Boy Blam, The Redman, Grunkfuss the Clown, and The Beaver. These creatures had also done murderous acts. "I couldn't be seen with them!" thought Flumpty. So he developed a disguise. It was a yellow, cracked variant of himself. But this made him develop a terrible alter-ego. The alter-ego's name was Golden Flumpty. Flumpty (not as Golden Flumpty.) then kidnapped a person for fun to play a game. If she survived Flumpty would let her go, If she didn't, her eyes got fried. Luckily the girl escaped. Flumpty then decided to do it again. This time, with a better reward. If the person survived she would become Flumpty's best friend. She also made two more friends, they were The Owl and Eyesaur. But, she lost a friend, The Beaver, He fell in the toilet. The same person got kidnapped again. But this time, for two nights. On the second night Flumpty declared that the girl would become Flumpty's new friend. Flumpty then said to the person "To become my best friend. You must kill your old best friend." She refused to kill her old best friend. Flumpty then just upright killed her and her best friend. Then after he killed her, her soul possessed Golden Flumpty. Golden Flumpty swore if he saw flumpty he'd kill him.The next day,Flumpty and his friends got tired of where they lived.So they decided to live in a mansion,That is of where a family themselves lived.Flumpty and the gang stayed inside the attic and didn't come out until certain times when the family was gone.Golden Flumpty saw Flumpty and his friends, and he, himself, got his revenge.One day, when the family was gone, Flumpty told his friends that they left and now, they could do whatever they wanted! Golden Flumpty followed Flumpty around. He tapped on Flumpty's arm. Flumpty turned around and freaked! He tried to kill him with one stone,But it was no use,Golden Flumpty was immortal, He then grabbed a knife and stabbed Flumpty, causing him to fall down the stairs,and he cracked!Then, the next day a newspaper popped up saying that a giant cracked egg was found in someone's house.The Redman assumed that the egg was Flumpty. Sadly,the gang had missed Flumpty so badly that they moved to another area to stay safe from humans.The End.